Coco Tribute

Gary ‘Coco’ Thompson

1959 – 2016

A true friend and legendary United fan who will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

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Written by Pete Boyle

I’m an ordinary Manchester United fan who loves singing (usually badly) and having a few drinks with mates at United games home and away. I never personally label myself as anything else and get embarrassed (ok maybe not) when I get labelled a ‘super fan’ etc.

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  1. Barry gate Reply
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    First met Coke beginning of eighties when he got sent off playing for ship canal the funniest guy I ever met he just did things without thinking eg playing five a side ymca ball stuck high up in basketball net Coke takes off trainer throws it at ball, ball come down trainer stuck up,there game over. When he played for Massey Ferguson drove the bold Henry and cammy from historical laughter to fits of rage could he play football he said he could. Manchester will be a lot poorer now he’s gone I’m glad you won the treble mate and you took me and pam shopping for eight hours in Milan see u in the red half of heaven I will be in the blue God bless

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