Eric Cantona Bishops Blaize Hi welcome to new revamped Pete Boyle website. I’m an ordinary Manchester United fan who loves singing (usually badly) and having a few drinks with mates at United games home and away. I never personally label myself as anything else and get embarrassed (ok maybe not) when I get labelled a ‘super fan’ etc. I know lots of reds who have travelled all over the globe and sacrificed so much more than me to see our red shirted heroes. They know who they are and I salute you. Saying that I’m proud of my small contribution to United folklore fandom and on this site I aim to share my opinions and tales from games, trips and of course my songs.

I attended my first game in November 1974 against Aston Villa at Old Trafford during the season the mighty Man United were in division 2. I attended that game with my late father who also took me to my first semi final V Leeds in 1977 and the memorable final the following month where we of course stopped Liverpool from becoming the first English team to do THE Treble and of course twenty two years later we become the only team to achieve this feat.

If you have any queries, questions, songs or articles on here or about booking me and the band for a function/me to compere Q and A with ex Player etc feel free to contact me

Thanks hope you enjoy reading. If you have any decent suggestions/Photos of me on travels etc feel free to send in.