Best of United We Sing volumes 5 – 10 includes the most  popular songs and chants over the previous albums. Classic songs include Anderson – son son, oh oh it’s Carrick, when johnny goes marching down the wing and off their perch.

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1) Intro - Lou Macari On Boyle2) Whenever I See Man Utd Play
3) Livi Stud Tears4) Build A Bonfire
5) Yip Yap Stam6) Pass The Ball To Beckham
7) He Plays On The Left8) If You Come From Manchester
9) Anderson - son son10) Nice On Tony
11) Massive Club12) KGB Song
13) There's A Tavern In The Town14) 70's Medley
15) Trendy Moustache Song16) Oh Oh It's Carrick
17) The Boy Will Score Again (Rooney)18) Bertie Mee Said ...
19) Fab The Red (Choir)20) Van Der Sar Man
21) Ryan Giggs Running Down The Wing (Choir)22) When Johnny Goes Marching Down The Wing (Choir)
23) When He Grew Up24) He's From Govan
25) Hey Hey Man Utd26) Bryan Robson Legend
27) Ole, Cole & Yorkie28) We've Seen Off ...
29) Hollow, Hollow, Hollow30) Henrik Larsson
31) Off Their Perch32) Colours Of Red
33) This Cup Is Our Cup34) 68 Song
35) Flowers Of Fergie36) The Oldest Winger In Town (Still)
37) The Best Song38) Pride Of All Europe
39) We're Man Utd40) Manchester Legends
41) Forever and Ever
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