If United We Sing 7 was the start of a more professional sounding album this continues that same trend and another positive review  points this out.

“Many people who have acquired all of Boyle’s recordings may think he has finally sold out when listening to this because a lot of it does sound quite professional”

“Boyle’s trademark voice is still as tuneless yet equally beautiful as ever”

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1) Intro2) Colours of red
3) Hollow Hollow Hollow4) Vidic Vidic
5) Go tell 'em6) Who's that man from Argentina
7) Transfer Request8) All legends they wear 7
9) Wes-er-ley10) Mr Whitside
11) He comes from Serbia12) Bitter blue world
13) March 3rd14) Ding dong
15) Love reds16) You're a ----ing blue
17) House of the Fergu-son18) Achy Breaky Park
19) Van der Sar man20) Hargreaves, Anderson,Nani
21) First of the Reds22) Fairly Terrible,ask Dwight Yorke
23) Oh yes I'm a Stretford ender24) Rooney He's the best
25) His name is Henrik26) City fan on a string
27) Cristiano Our Wonderful winger28) We won it two times
29) Ginger wizard30) Here comes norman
31) Park Now Hear32) The next Cantona
33) He can pass,tackle,head34) Low life
35) The Vidic Family36) Wheres the justice
37) My 'Edwin' star38) Bitter kiss my arse
39) We're Man Utd

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