More pro United than anti others says one review from Red Issue which suggests this was the best album of it’s time from Pete.

The Red Issue had this to say about the 6th United We Sing Album,

“Boyle has come a long way since his raw but brilliant debut release songs from the bathtub, which made into Terry Hall¹s top ten all time albums in an observer greatest albums poll last year.”



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1) Intro2) The Boy Will Score Again
3) Heinze Heinze4) Tim Timery
5) It Was On The Kop6) We Hate
7) United That I Love8) Amazing Reds
9) Hey Hey Man Utd10) Bertie Mee Said
11) Good Old Arsenal12) KGB Song
13) Sign On14) Tavern In The Town
15) When He Grew Up16) An Smith Will Score
17) Barmy Piano18) You Are Gabriel Heinze
19) Miller Lite20) Nothing You Can Do
21) History22) You Are Not Usually Here
23) He's Only A Very Young Scouser24) 24 Build A Bonfire
25) If You Wanna Go To Devon26) We Pay For Their Home
27) We Don't Carry Hammers28) Super Leeds Ha Ha
29) Leeds Are Our Feeder Club30) Van Nistlerooy is coming to town
31) Vatican Reds32) We're Not For Sale
33) Still Not For Sale34) Rooney Rooney
35) 26th May36) He Plays On The Left
37) Oh Darren Fletcher38) Tim Howard From America
39) Bellion's Better Than Pete40) Tilzey's Rude
41) We Won Without Ruud42) Wayne Would Rather Be A Devil
43) Ostend44) In 76
45) Alan Smith Has Come46) Losing Of Liverpool
47) Boyles A Folker48) I Was Born In The Stretford End
49) She Wore A Scarlet Ribbon-Que Sera Sera50) 70's Medley
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