United We Sing 8 has 47 songs and chants and is more pro-United than anti-rivals with songs such as Pride of Europe and United Are The Champions.

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1) Intro Choccy To Boyle2) Terry Tits Up
3) Flower Of Fergie4) Anderson - son - son
5) Stick With Evra6) Oh Oh It's Carrick
7) Don't Let Them Go8) The Inpossebon Dream
9) The 3rd Cup Is The Sweetest10) Berbatov Arising
11) Who The .... Are Man Utd - (2008 mix)12) Oh They'd Rather
13) Don't Cry For Me Carlos!14) He's Rio Ferdinand
15) More Than A Novelty16) In-bred Jokers
17) The Best Song18) He's From Cape Verde
19) Owens Got A Load Of Medals20) Monsier Genius (2008 still the king mix)
21) Everbody Knows Us22) City's Boldest Liar
23) Waltzing Da Silva24) Nani Is Cool
25) Viva Great26) Chelsea Dearie Me
27) Oh Nani28) 68 Song
29) Evra's Foot Is Brilliant30) They Havn't Won The Title
31) Que Sera Sera32) Won It In Honour
33) Fergie's Interception34) Our Rio
35) Evralasting Love36) Owen Owen Owen
37) The Guy Called Anderson38) September 1st - One Look At City
39) This Cup Is Our Cup40) All Things Scouse On Merseyside
41) Anderson & Nani42) United Are The Champions (European Champions)
43) Fat Men In Opposition Team Shirts44) We've Seen Off
45) Pride Of All Europe46) We've Won It 3 Times
47) Play The Sir Matt Way
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